LOR Stories by Author Name

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★ = Not included in the anthology


Aditya, Dee – Caffe Latte
Aditya, Dee – Scar
Albert, Annabeth – Waiting for Clark ♥ ★
Alexander, Vicktor – Do What You Want
Allen, S. – The Grand Palace
Allen, S. – Trusting the Flop
Ander, Lexi – Darksoul: Part One
Ander, Lexi – Salvaging Toby’s Heart
Anderson, Ann – Burn for Me
Anderson, Ann – Long Time Waiting
Archer, Alice – Inkling
Austen, Elin – Bluewood
Barten, J.R. – Drawn Together
Barten, J.R. – What Matters Most
Baxter, Beth – Ink and His Shadow
Bishop, Sienna – Love You More
Black, Ellie – The Tower of Fire
Boyd, A.L. – The Dawn of Darkness
Brandon, Penny – Without a View
Brissay, Aimee – Dreams Do Come True
Bucknor, L.L. – An Unexpected Acquisition
Buffett, Jess – Running in Circles
Burke, Jenn – Line of Sight
C., Chris – The Hanging of Hope
Cade, Kenzie – Somewhere In-Between
Cade, Kenzie – Trapped
Cage, Robert – A Limited Offer
Caine, Leisha – The Things It Takes… (Make It A Lifetime)
Carr, Cassandra – Binding Hearts
Carter, Caraway – Dare to Live
Caspian, M. – Char
Cassidy, J.J. – In the Court of the Forgotten
Cassidy, J.J. – That Night in Cherry Grove
Clark, Jay D. – Leap of Faith
Clark, Jay D. – Nick of Time
Colton, Rob – Lifeboat
Cray, Claire – Aniki’s Garden
Cousins, Amy Jo – Full Exposure
Davies, E. – First Dance
Davis, Claire – The Forest Savage
Davis, Claire – Impact Ripples
de la Parra, Gabbo – Nightjar
de la Parra, Gabbo – Schadenfreude
De Piaz, Adan – Coil Me Up
De Piaz, Adan – Getting Us Right
Denman, D.P. – All About Trust
Dennis, Nicole – Connected by Ink
Drake, Kestrel – The Sacrificial Knight
Drako – Olin’s Sacrifice
Duncan, Grace R. – Secrets
Durreson, Amy Rae – In Heaven and Earth
Dyett, Aubrey E. – Sans Souci
Edwards, Kit – Atle’s Saga
Erodee – Lusting after the Cook
Eve – Shintarou’s Way
Faelan, K.C. – Metamorphic Heart
Faelan, K.C. – Top Floor
Fielding, Kim – The Downs
Fleet, Suki – Lima Oscar Victor Echo and The Truth About Everything
Fridge, Adrian – Not Looking for a Nice Guy ♥ ★
Frost, Hunter – Don’t Wake Me Up
Frost, Livia – Ask, Answer, Look, Kiss
G, Jessie – Brewing Up Trouble
Gabriel, Alex – Still Waters
Gala, Lyn – The Spy and His Boy
Godgluck, Wulf Francu – ACID
Goode, Sammy – Gingerbread Dreams
Goode, Sammy – Troubled Heart
Grace, Aria – Escaping in Oz
Grace, Roger – The Door to His Darkness
Gränd, Ofelia – Blood on Sand
Green, Marc – Back to Eden
Grey, Devon – Imprint
Grey, Sofia – Breathing Again
Grey, Sofia – Loving Rush
Greysen, Mike – Sacrifices Worth Making
Hale, L.E. – If a Star Should Fall
Hall, J.T. – Vice and Exploitation
Halle, Katherine – Mended Hearts
Harper, Kaje – Chasing Death Metal Dreams
Hart, Nan – Trace Memories Will Save Us
Hawthorne, Katey – Moondrop
Hayes, Kathleen – 587,687 (Little) Words
Hayes, Kathleen – Shadow’s Heart
Hayes, Lane – Out in the Deep End
Heeley, Bronwyn – A Road Worth Travelling
Helling, Olivia – Snowmancer
Henderson, A.J. – Unexpected Homecoming
Henry, Lisa – Hellion ♥ ★
Heysham, Vicky – A Single Step
Homes, Noah – A Case of Time
Houle, MC – Three Musketeers and a Jester
Hunter, Laylah – Wolf’s Honor
Hunter, Lila Leigh – Beyond the King’s Curse
Hunter, Lila Leigh – St. Andrew’s Bay Chronicles

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I through P

Idoni, Dayton – Above All Else
Jackson, MA – Becoming Dad
Jaye, Nico – The Frat Brat
Jaz, C.C. – Hating You is the Hardest Part
Jensen, Kelly – Wrong Direction
Jerald, Lexzi – When He Kissed Me
Johnson, Sloan – Stretched Too Far
Karina, Enne – From Acid to Ashes
Kat, S.N. – Square Pegg, Round Hole
Kay, Liza – How to Catch a Cheetah
Keane, Danni – Pull Down the Sun
King, Valynda – Stilts
Kirkland, Shannon M. – Rock, Paper, Scissors
Knight, Elyse – The East Wind and the Rootless Cypress
Knight, J.K. – Just a Feeling
Krizan, Robin S. – Virian Conundrum
Kyle, Destiny – When the Stars Go Cold
Lagadi, Jacob – Eat Crow
Layne, NK – Sweet, Echoing Howl
Li, Gus – The Union of Sun and Moon
Lievens, Catherine – The Raven’s Flight
Linden, Megan – Secondary Break
MacLagan, Ali – The Garçonnière
Manning, Edmond – Love Like the Medici
Marssen, Gwynn – Dashed
Mason, K. – Reubaltach Cridhe
McGowan, Debbie – When Skies Have Fallen
McGray, Jean – Risking the Field
McHart, Chris – Alex’s Surprise
Merikan, K.A. – Bare-Knuckle Love
Morgan, Gabrielle – Bright Like a Thousand Memories
Morticia, BL – Love, Unconditional
Moon, Ava – What Are You Waiting For?
Moon, Eloreen – Coil Me Up
Moone, Azalea – Token of Hope
Moran, Jae – Reasonable Doubts
Mortal, Alp – Agenda
Ni Coileain, Rory – Obsidian
Nicholas, Aiden – His Perfect Match
Nielson, N.J. – Hollow’s Trouble
Noble, A.R. – Poetry & Engineering
North, Vanessa – An American Homo in Paris ♥ ★
O’Hare, Adara – Dared and Confused
O’Tierney, Raine – Sing Me Your Love Song
O’Tierney, Raine – That Eighteenth Summer
Oliver, Lisa – Not Even Close
Pedroso, Carol – Help! My Lover’s an Alien
Pelaam – Prophecy
Penn, Jonathan – Forbidden Broadway
Phallus Si, A. – Matters of State ♥ ★
Phoenix, Ana J. – The Alpha and His Ace
Phoenix, M. LeAnne – And O! The Heavens Tremble

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Q through Z

Queen, Bailey – In Darkness Burning
Ridges, AJ – Lush in Lace
Ripper, Kris – The Spinner, the Shepherd, and the Leading Man
Sarge, K.D. – Give an Inch
Scarlett, Willow – Mr Wonderful
Sean, Phoebe – Focus
SenatorBlitz – Seventh Son
Shelby, J.C. – Hunters of a Faded God
Simmons, Dawn – Lost in a Dream
Sister, Dawn – Eagle Man and Mr Hawk
Sister, Dawn – Not a Word
Sleepyfur – The Virgin Submissive
Smith, D.G. – Baron’s
Sparrow, Kathryn – Genetic Redux
Spector, Amy – Almost But Not Quite
St. Claire, Regina – Splinterpoint
St. Kevern, Gillian – The Biggest Scoop
St. Kevern, Gillian – Deep Magic
Starling, Isobel – As You Wish
Steelwhisper – Sadō ♥ ★
Stevens, Natalia – Light and Motion
Stewart, Al – A Case of Time
Stewart, Al – The Forest Savage
Stewart, Al – Impact Ripples
Stivali, Karen – Tonight ♥ ★
Stjerne, Ren – Haywire Witch
Studwick, Robin – Black Horse River
Summers, Nash – fawn
Thomas, A.J. – The World in His Eyes
Tomlinson, Christa – The Supreme Might of Love
Trevor, Sera – A Shadow on the Sun
Trevor, Sera – The Troll Whisperer
Tripoli – Angles
Tyler, Kai – Sicario
van Rooyen, S – ACID
van Rooyen, S – Tears for the Sand
Vaughn, Piper – The Truth About Forever ♥ ★
Veldura, Tami – Perihelion
Vincent, Tully – The Last Yeti ♥ ★
Wallace, J.C. – Divine Intervention
Wallace, MP – Save Me Tonight
West, Mia – Shelter from the Storm
Westfall, Eric Alan – Mr. Felcher’s Grand Emporium
White, Olley – The Best Man
White, Olley – The Quiet Within
Willow, Maija – Life’s Little Changes
Wilson, A.L. – Soulbound
Windwalker, Leona – This We’ll Defend
Winters, Cass – More Than French Kissing
Woods, Alexis – Metamorphic Heart
Woods, Alexis – Moondrake
Y.T., Riina – Blame the Fireworks
York, Marlo – Catalina Blues
York, Sara – Falling for Him
Z, Cari – Reclamation
Z, Cari – Ten Simple Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse
Zagar, Victoria – The Five Brothers of Everan

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