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LL Anthology Volume 13 ♥

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Table of Contents Raising Cade by Jonathan Penn (contemporary, age gap, hurt/comfort, prostitution graphic violence, rape, PTSD) Randy’s Ghost by William Tate (science fiction, time travel, scientist, amnesia, drug use, mild violence) The Raven’s Luck by Laylah Hunter (urban fantasy, cyberpunk, 2 alpha-males, elves, graphic violence) The Scent of Hope by Summer Devon (historical, Victorian era, prison, rescue, HFN) Science… Read more »

LL Anthology Volume 12 ♥

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Table of Contents Only You by Shayla Mist (contemporary, friends to lovers, musicians/rock stars, college, bullying, graphic violence) The Other Side by MA Jackson (contemporary, high school, barely legal, coming out, family wedding) Overkill by Elizabeth Daniels (contemporary, musicians/rock stars, slow burn/UST, sweet/no sex) A Pale Shadow by Eon de Beaumont (fantasy, young adult, fairytale/folklore, prince, thief, steampunk, sweet/no sex)… Read more »

LL Anthology Volume 11 ♥

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Table of Contents Mr. Jaguar by K.A. Merikan (contemporary, enemies to lovers, cinderfella, reunited) My African Prince by Vona Logan (paranormal, cat shifters, interspecies, soul mates/bonded) Never Cry Wolf by Phoebe Sean (paranormal, werewolf, soulmates/bonded, homophobia) Not Just a Kiss by Jennah Scott (new adult, paranormal, bonded mates, coming of age) The Novice Dom by Clancy Nacht (contemporary, BDSM, HFN,… Read more »

LL Anthology Volume 10 ♥

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Table of Contents Lost and Found by Eileen Griffin (paranormal, cat-shifters, hurt/comfort, m/m/m) Love the Little Guys by M.E. Sanford (contemporary, flamboyant characters, effeminate top, HFN) Love’s First Kiss by Jambrea Jo Jones (contemporary, established couple, geek, sweet/no sex) Mad Passion by Naaju Rorrete (contemporary, enemies to lovers, hurt/comfort, sexual repression, family) Making it Work by Cari Z. (contemporary, age… Read more »

LL Anthology Volume 9 ♥

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Table of Contents Indian Summer by D.C. Williams (contemporary, friends to lovers, bisexual, non-explicit sex) Inhaling Smoke by Tia Fielding (contemporary, established couples, men with children, tearjerker, death of a secondary character) It Takes Two by Alexa Milne (contemporary, infidelity, angst, friendship, wedding) It’s You, Then Breathing by Vicktor Alexander (contemporary, sports, friends to lovers, violence, HFN) Jaden’s Honor by… Read more »

LL Anthology Volume 8 ♥

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Table of Contents The Hate Game by Hennessee Andrews (contemporary, alpha male, enemies to lovers, humorous, spanking) He Didn’t Have To Be by Tracey Michael (contemporary, gay for you, friends to lovers, homophobia, violence) A Heart of Klondike Gold by E. Davies (historical, blue collar, miners, enemies to lovers, slow burn) The Heartbeat Under a White Coat by CR Guiliano… Read more »

LL Anthology Volume 7 ♥

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Table of Contents Forever Under a Rainbow by Posy Roberts (contemporary, friends to lovers, online dating, coming out) The Fourth Act by LE Franks (contemporary, coming of age, coming out, first time, no HEA or HFN) Foxes Over Flowers by J. Colby (contemporary, paranormal, blue collar, shifters, slow burn) From the Ashes by Leah Miranda (contemporary, friends to lovers, anxiety… Read more »

LL Anthology Volume 6 ♥

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Table of Contents Dreaming of Fire by J.J. Cassidy (fantasy, mythical creatures, magic users, soulmates/bonded, non-wolf shifters) The Dreams You Made in the Dirt by Lisa Henry (contemporary, hurt/comfort, age gap, violence) Elevation by Jenna Jones (contemporary, security/guard, rich playboy, mental illness/depression of secondary character) Expect the Unexpected by Lou Sylvre (contemporary, friends to lovers, gay for you, voyeurism) Exposed… Read more »

LL Anthology Volume 5 ♥

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Table of Contents Consorting with Dragons by Sera Trevor (fantasy, humor, age gap, non-explicit) Contrary Instincts by Ava Penn (fantasy, Viking/Celt/Barbarian, first time, hurt/comfort, incest) The Court of Lightning by Amy Rae Durreson (fantasy, action/suspense/adventure, magic users, sweet/some sex) Cruel to be Kind by Kim Dare (paranormal, vampire, BDSM, friends to lovers) Cup of Tea and a Few Broken Rules… Read more »

LL Anthology Volume 4 ♥

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Table of Contents Carte Blanche by Nash Summers (contemporary, mental illness, hurt/comfort) The Case of the Insufferable Slave by Gillian St. Kevern (alternate universe, historical, noir, detective, slave, dub-con) Cataclysmic Evolution by Alicia Nordwell (science fiction, teens, bullying, post-apocalyptic) Cenotaph by Gabbo de la Parra (science fiction, enemies to lovers, time travel, no HEA/HFN) A Chance to Fight by Lila… Read more »