In The Lonely Sea by Arielle Pierce ♥

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In The Lonely Sea - Arielle Pierce

A drowned man is held in the arms of a merman. The man looks as though he could be dead, or he could be asleep. The merman is kissing him on the lips. The man’s hands drift in the sea, and his clothes are in tatters.

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Dear Author,

Holding on to this wreck is all I can do. The light of the sun is as unbearable as the chill of the night. No land in sight. I’m hungry, thirsty, and I’m tired.

The sweet song I heard all night is luring me under. I must be losing my mind, because I believe it. And I let go.

No BDSM possibly and I like my protagonists BOTH with strong personalities. Thank you!


Emmanuela Plastic Duck

 historical fantasy
Tags: Welsh, merman, Victorian/1880’s, first love, sailor
Content warnings: HFN?
Word count: 5,930

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