LL Anthology Volume 12 ♥

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Volume 12-PDF

Table of Contents

Only You by Shayla Mist
(contemporary, friends to lovers, musicians/rock stars, college, bullying, graphic violence)

The Other Side by MA Jackson
(contemporary, high school, barely legal, coming out, family wedding)

Overkill by Elizabeth Daniels
(contemporary, musicians/rock stars, slow burn/UST, sweet/no sex)

A Pale Shadow by Eon de Beaumont
(fantasy, young adult, fairytale/folklore, prince, thief, steampunk, sweet/no sex)

Past the Horizon by D.C. Williams
(historical, World War II, sweet/no sex, family life, whole life through)

Pink Lace and Stolen Hearts by JC Wallace
(contemporary, friends to lovers, fetish/toys, lingerie, phobias, gay for you)

Playing with Two-Edged Swords by Roger Grace
(alternate history, fantasy, aristocracy, spies, mage/sorcerers)

A Point of Honour by K. Mason
(historical, outlaws, knights, reunited, friends to lovers, HFN)

Prancer and Gruff by Jade Crystal
(contemporary, cowboys, housekeepers, sweet/no sex, boss/employee, pretty men)

Puckish by Wart Hill
(urban fantasy, action/suspense/adventure, sweet/no sex, character death)

Punch-Drunk Love by Nico Jaye
(contemporary, sports, athlete, college, geeks/nerds, humorous, lots of fluff)

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