LL Anthology Volume 14 ♥

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Volume 14-PDF

Table of Contents

A Sonnet for His Vaquero by N.D. Wylders
(contemporary, cowboys, bears, May-Dec, sweet romance)

Sorry is the Magic Word by MA Jackson
(contemporary, established couples, hurt/comfort, BDSM lite)

Spell Bound by Pelaam
(paranormal, action/adventure, BDSM, demons, soulmates/bonded, male witch)

Stranded by Lies by Finn Marlowe
(alternate universe, light BDSM, friends to lovers, soulmates/bonded, HFN)

Strange Charm by A. Phallus Si
(fantasy, science fiction, spacemen/aliens, humorous, littermate-cest, mmmm, soulmates/bonded)

Sugar and Sawdust by Debbie McGowan
(contemporary, humorous, age gap, pornography)

Taken from Him by Jackie Nacht
(paranormal, vampires, abduction, captivity, hurt/comfort, soulmates, graphic violence, torture)

Taking a Risk on Love by K. Mason
(historical, student/tutor, duel, masquerade, wig abandonment)

That Day in Spring by BJ Sheppard
(contemporary, established couples, hurt/comfort, amnesia, tearjerker)

This Hour I Lost by Indra Vaughn
(contemporary, action/adventure, suspense, enemies to lovers, violence, dub-con due to amnesia)

This Too by Isla James
(contemporary, college students, coming out, friends to lovers)

A Thoreau Affair by Hunter Frost
(contemporary, teaching, age gap, friends to lovers, reunited)

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