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I look at this picture and I see baggy, tired eyes, thick brows, some shyness in the pose. I find this man adorable (because yum redheads), but I can see the plainness too. He sits, most of his body in shadow, looking over his freckled shoulder at the camera. There is no smile on his face, and the rest of his body sits at a profile.

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Dear Author,

Hi there. I met the man of my dreams the other day. He had these adorable red curls (and I’m just a sucker for redheads, and curly hair, so put those two together and oh boy, droooooooool) and the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. He’s not gorgeous or anything, in fact, most people would say he was plain. But then, so am I. I don’t even have the smile or the hair, or anything like that.

Can you find a way for me to meet him, and maybe even get him to smile at me?



Tags: redhead, disability, twink, sweet, short top, shop owner, New Age, student
Word Count: 7,708

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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