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A super-hot man is stripping in what appears to be a kitchen. He has an extremely fit and tanned body, with a ripped six-pack and muscular thighs. He has tattoos outlining his torso and across his lower abs, that trail down his pelvis into his nicely-packed pink Emporio Armani bikini briefs. He is pulling a pale pink sweater over his head.

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Dear Author,

Who are you and what have you done with my best friend? You think you know a guy and then, wham, it seems like I know nothing at all.

My previously shy and somewhat geeky best friend seems to have been hiding a few things from me. For example, pink underwear― what the hell? And when did he acquire that ripped body and those tats? And why is he undressing in my kitchen? And why, oh why, am I even noticing his body and feeling the overwhelming desire need to touch his skin and trace that intricate pattern with my tongue? He’s a guy! And my best friend! How did this happen and what else has he been hiding from me? I can’t breathe…



Tags: accounting, arts performance, assistant coach, friends to lovers, gay for you, men in suits, tattoos, musical theater
Word count: 12,059

As of August 1, 2013, same sex couples will have the right to legally marry in my home state of Minnesota. This story is dedicated to the members of the Minnesota House and Senate who voted yes. Thank you for voting for equality. I hope it spreads.

Special Thanks: to Kevin Murphy and Dan Studney who wrote the song “Mary Jane/ Mary Lane” for the movie version of Reefer Madness, and inspired my chapter titles for this piece.

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