The Idiots’ Tango by B. Snow ♥

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The Idiots' Tango - B. Snow

1. At the beach, a man with close-cropped hair and the physique of a Greek god hefts a rugby ball. Dark hair dusts his arms, legs, and chest. Another smattering of hair dips from his navel into the waistband of a very small pair of shorts.
2. Two men grapple as they brawl, anger and adrenaline spurring them on. Neither will be the first to give in.
3. A young man with beautiful eyes and a two-day scruff of beard stands on a train platform. His jeans are worn, and his linen shirt is wrinkled but clean. He has a backpack slung over one shoulder, beaded bracelets on his left wrist and a fedora covering his dark hair.

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Dear Author,

My two men can’t STAND each other. It’s not a general dislike and it’s not a case where they can avoid each other. 

Unfortunately, they share a circle of friends and family (though they are not related— more like their cousins were married… incest is NOT the best :P)

They met when they were in high school and there seemed to be a bit of attraction despite their vast differences (what those are, is for you dear Author to decide) but something (also Author’s choice) happened and they are at each other’s throats. Verbal throw-downs, the occasional thrown punch has happened at more than a few shared get togethers. 

Dear Author, how can two men who can’t stand each other come to realize that the other man is the one person they can’t and don’t want to live without?



Tags: enemies to lovers, boys will be boys, blowjobs, cluelessness, bickering, bisexuality, family
Content warnings: previous relationships, binge/underage drinking, secondary character deaths, violence
Word count: 40,369

Many thanks to Reece, whose photos and prompt didn’t just speak to me, they shouted.

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