The Lodestar of Ys by Amy Rae Durreson ♥

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The Lodestar of Ys - Amy Rae Durreson

The photo shows an intense, dark-haired young man, clad all in leather. He is holding a drawn bow and arrow and aiming upwards into the forest.

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Dear Author,

His younger brother was supposed to marry the prince of their neighboring country and so form an alliance against the Perth Empire. Good thing too, that it was his brother, since Sjurd couldn’t stand the bookish princeling and that feeling was mutual. His brother’s fiancé thought him brutish and dumb; at least, he managed to insult him every time they met.

All would be well, if his selfish brother didn’t elope with his best friend— a Lord of the realm, and their second cousin. Now Sjurd, the heir apparent, has to honor the marriage promise or risk war, which they couldn’t afford. Even worse, he has to actually go on a month-long honeymoon, with a guy whom he can’t stand and has nothing in common with— or does he?

Please let those guys make their marriage of convenience work!

No incest, rape or BDSM please! I’d like to see a sarcastic prince who is not meek and doesn’t cower before Sjurd.

Thank you!



Tags: royalty, arranged marriage, slow burn/unresolved sexual tension, enemies to lovers, weddings, warfare
Word count: 46,051

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