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Lifeboat - JUTOH (P2)

A man, shirtless, his muscular right arm up behind his head. His hair is cut very short. His chest is covered with an ample amount of dark blond hair. He has a thick mustache. His chin whiskers are just as thick, with a patch of gray. He has a slight smirk and expressive eyes.

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Dear Author,

Do you see this smile? And the little laugh lines around the eyes? What makes him smile like that? Is he smiling about something? At someone? What brought him here, looking at the camera and just capturing my curiosity― and perhaps yours as well?

Please tell the story behind this picture!

Yes, I know, that sounds rather simple. The fact is, I saw the picture of this guy and since then he’s in my head and refuses to leave, on the other hand he refuses to give me more details! He’s just smiling! Can someone please help him? And me, so that he can leave?

Contemporary, please.



Genre: science fiction
Tags: military men, reunited, spaceships, stranded, technicians
Word count: 6,457

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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