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Matters Of State - Jutoh

Black & white of two naked males in profile, passionately embracing. Musculature denotes that one is older than other; he hungrily leans in, teeth against the youth’s neck. The younger male grasps his lover; one hand fisted in his hair pulling him in and the other spanning his ribs, and as he arches backwards his lover covers him. Both are consumed in the moment.

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Dear Author,

Tomorrow marked his twenty-fourth birthday. Damien had longed for it the entire year, because it was the day the Rebellion would moor into the port. She had done so for six years in a row. The ship was magnificent, and always brought with her an abundance of wealth. But it was her captain that Damien longed to see the most. The enigmatic Hayden had captivated him from the first moment they met, six years earlier, on his eighteenth birthday. When Hayden turned those burning eyes upon him from across the room, he had the urge to go down on his knees and beg for his attention and whatever more he was willing to give. But despite the penetrating eyes, he didn’t get anything more than a polite conversation and a congratulation when he learned it was his birthday. For six consecutive years, those eyes had roved his body and bared his needs, while every gesture and spoken word was distant and evasive. And each time Hayden left, Damien was yearning more. Tomorrow though, he would make Hayden stay and let him have his wicked way. Damien was making sure of that! He would wait no longer to be with the man he fell in love with! Tomorrow marked the first day of their HEA…



Genre: science fiction
Tags: spacemen/aliens, interspecies, age gap, dirty talk, exhibitionism, alpha male attempting to woo
Word Count: 13,832

Author’s Note
As usual, I have been blessed. In return, I can only offer insufficient thanks to everyone who gave me feedback and support. Sunny, your humorous comments made editing a joy. Jenni, your catches were invaluable for clarity. Emma, your quiet presence at the ready was a comfort. And everyone who was boring when I asked― Thanks!

Tina, I hope you enjoy the fruits of your prompt. Damien and Hayden turned out to be intriguing men, stealing bits of my heart.

Again, a special thanks goes to Bree Archer for illuminating my story with such a lovely cover.

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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