A.S.H.E.R. by Kallysten ♥

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ASHER Kallysten

A human-like robot, apparently naked, lies on a bed of packing peanuts. He has just been unboxed, and waits for his new owner’s first orders.

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Dear Author,

Tell me about a day in the life of this sexbot. Maybe it’s the day he’s first been unpacked and settled into his new home! Maybe it’s sometime after he’s settled into a routine. And what IS that routine, anyway? Is he privately owned? Is he on staff at a sexy high-tech brothel? Has he become self-aware enough to run away from the sexy high-tech brothel and follow his heart circuits in search of a better life and someone who can love a synthetic man?

I’m really flexible about tone here― if you want to give me what-are-humans-even-about comedy and sex misadventures, go for it; if you want to give me creepy dystopia and what it means to be built for someone else’s pleasure, go for that, too. Just give me something with this hot android as a main character. Yum.



 science fiction, paranormal
Tags: futuristic, writers, vampire, robot/artificial intelligence, non-explicit, grief, depression
Content warnings: use of overly precise numbers
Word count: 12,277

With my thanks to Laylah for offering this prompt and giving me the chance to write outside my usual lines. I only hope you enjoy the end result!

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