A Thoreau Affair by Hunter Frost ♥

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Thoreau Affair-Frost - Jutoh

Two men dressed in heavy coats and printed scarves stand together in a secluded forest with snow on the ground. One man, who faces the camera, has short, light brown hair, and wears thin-rimmed glasses. He has a dimple in his chin and he is smiling slightly. The other man, with darker hair, rests his head on the other man’s shoulder. His eyes are closed and he wears an expression of contentment.

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Dear Author,

I became a writer-hermit after I retired as a university professor. I prefer living alone in my small forest house and I feed my muse with my observations and thoughts. No one disturbed me here in almost two years and now I have an unexpected guest― one of my former students. He said it was a coincidence he found me, his car broke down and other reasons. But I feel it is not quite true. I’m sure he wants to tell me something and in fact I want to tell him something too…

*Please let it be HEA, no angst, GFY or sad themes, just love and peace, as it must be in life. 🙂



Tags: teaching, writers, age gap, friends to lovers, reunited
Word Count: 10,731

To all of my wildly supportive, encouraging, and whip-cracking friends. I couldn’t have done this without you.

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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