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SCENT OF HOPE, THE - Devon - P5 - Jutoh

A man in his early twenties looks scruffy in a bloodstained shirt covered by a dusty leather coat. His handsome face wears a slight smirk, which is odd, considering the very large noose around his neck.

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Dear Author,

I am getting really tired of the waiting. No one told me that waiting to die would be quite this boring. So to pass the time, I wrote a letter to my sister, but somehow my letter got to the wrong person. Who do I end up writing? Did I really commit the murder I will hang for? Can whoever my mysterious pen pal is get me out of the mess?

Fantasy or pseudo-regency preferred, where same sex relationships are normal, no PWP,

HEA or HFN ending please.



Tags: condemned man, Victorian era, prison, rescue, businessman, prisoner, HFN
Word Count: 11,237

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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