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Laser Visions-Harper - Jutoh

Light streams into a narrow, old-fashioned hallway from the open door at the end. Framed in the brightness, back-lit to blurred outlines and shadows, is the silhouette of a man, walking away. He’s tall, lean but well-built, with faint tan lines across his lower back and thighs. He’s also completely naked. His curved ass and broad shoulders are the most solid things about him. He strides off into the blue, head slightly tilted, not looking back.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

I just moved into this old antebellum home I bought with the intentions of restoring. I often find myself awoken in the night by strange noises I cannot identify or hear during the day. At first, I think it’s just a dream… this seemingly phantom always walking away. Who is he and how can I get him to finally turn around and see me?

****I don’t want this to be a past lover/reunited lovers story. Please no cheating or ménage and must have a HFN or HEA ending. Otherwise, get as creative as you like.****



Genre: paranormal, science fiction
Tags: suspense, abduction, law enforcement, friends to lovers, hurt/comfort, slow burn
Content Warnings: very minor plot threads of abuse, PTSD, violence
Word Count: 79,293

I’m really grateful to the many people who helped make this story happen. To Kyle, for the imaginative prompt that caught my eye; to Kate, PJ, Sara and Jess for the careful, thorough beta reading and all the great suggestions; to Enny, who seemed to read my mind and created exactly the cover I was looking for; and to all the people in the M/M Romance group involved with Love’s Landscapes – Don’t Read in the Closet this year. An author writes the words, but the magic of a completed story can’t really happen without all of you. Thank you

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