Eat Crow by Jacob Lagadi ♥

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Eat Crow - Jutoh (P6)

Two fit young men stand in a brightly lit room. They appear to be watching something together. The larger of the two runs his fingers down the smaller man’s back.

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Dear Author,

The slightest brush of his skin against mine is enough to turn me into a quivering mess. The feel of his fingertips brushing up and down my spine makes me break out in chills. He completely owns me. But our life together hasn’t been rainbows and puppies. It’s been sacrifice and struggles. Please tell our story.

Feel free to take this wherever your muse leads. Any genre, no restrictions except what’s laid down by the rules of the event. Enjoy!



Genre: urban fantasy
Tags: shifters non-wolf/cat, billionaire bear, enemies to lovers, outdoor sex, pickpocket/thief, hinted mates, brat
Content Warnings: HFN
Word Count: 20,553

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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