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A good-looking, young blond man leans back against exposed pipework. He is shirtless and his jeans look a little old-fashioned with their light wash. His arms are huge and he sports a six-pack, although he’s already looking the tiniest bit soft around the waistline. As if that six-pack might not quite be there in ten years…

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Dear Author,

I lost a bet with my sister. I was so sure the Broncos would win. Now it is time for me to pay up. She has decided I need a man in my life. She submitted a profile for me at and set up five dates. I haven’t been on five dates in the past five years. And if the thought of five first dates isn’t scary enough, check out the photo she put in my profile.

Yes, that hot, young, guy really is me… thirteen years ago! To be twenty-two again. I miss my thirty-two-inch waist and six-pack.

* No BDSM please. * Humor a plus. * HEA a must.


Susan A

Genre: contemporary
Tags: age gap, blind dates, humorous, slow burn/UST
Word Count: 24,821

To all of the amazing m/m romance authors who have inspired my love for this genre, and to Kaje Harper, whose Into Deep Waters moved me and led me to the Goodreads M/M Romance group’s Don’t Read in the Closet events.

Thank you, Susan A, for writing a terrific story prompt that sparked all kinds of ideas in my brain! I’m so grateful your idea gave me the chance to get to know these guys. And this story would be a mess, a lumbering hodgepodge of too many f-bombs and not enough biting, without the best bunch of betas and CPs an author could have. Thank you Piper, Liz, Tamsen, Annabeth, and Susan! You made it better.

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