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Catalina Blues by Marlo York ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A black and white photograph of a dripping-wet, naked gunner standing in a flying boat’s cupola, manning his machine gun. His long crew cut hangs in his face, his headphones protect his ears, and he stares out against his enemy with concentration. Behind him on a small bit of wall is a poster showing silhouettes of Japanese warships…. Read more »

Perihelion by Tami Veldura ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A naked man rises from a tank of glowing blue liquid. Ports line his neck and ribs with cords extending from them, plugged into something unseen (and out of the picture). His skin is embedded with glowing circuits, and his shaved head bows forward. Mist floats around him as electric currents or lightning strikes illuminate the background. See… Read more »

Love On a Wing and a Prayer by T.A. Webb ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Photo 1: In the foreground, a man in a desert-tan digital camo fatigue blouse and a flight deck helmet stands with his back to the camera. He is in sharp focus, while the fighter jet and the man climbing out of it is blurry and soft. Photo 2: Silhouetted against a deep turquoise sky with sunset-pink clouds, two… Read more »