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The Biggest Scoop - Jutoh

Two young men recline arm in arm against a striped cushion. They are wearing blue-striped shirts and black trousers. The boy on the left, the taller of the pair, is giving his companion a look of extreme dubiousness. The boy on the right’s smirk is pure mischief. Their shirts are somewhat rumpled. Hijinks have either ensued, are ensuing or are about to ensue.

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Dear Author,

There’s a new boy in school, and he’s doing really well, academically and popularity-wise. He’s just been elected class president! Now all the girls want to go out with him even more, only a public coming out will save him, or will it? Now there are all these guys coming out of the woodwork, (even a teacher aide? who knows!) and he can’t catch a study break. All anyone seems to want to know is, who will get to plant the kiss that sticks?


Josephine Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Genre: young adult
Tags: high school, bullying, journalism, humorous, geeks/nerds, friends, sweet/no sex
Word Count: 64,761

Any DRitC story is a team effort, and The Biggest Scoop was no different! Josephine got the ball rolling with her incredibly fun prompt, and kept it rolling through her encouragement on the Goodreads forums! My friends Julia, Kamilah and Zenia assured me that what I wrote made sense and answered my questions about American high school life. K.C. Faelan got me through the first three chapters, while Sam very ably helped me turn my polished draft into something I could happily submit. Raevyn worked her editing magic, and the formatting and proofing team applied the final polishing touches. The cover comes courtesy of the extremely talented Bree Archer who spent a lot of time working on something that would do justice to Josephine’s prompt picture. Thank you, everyone! Without you, this story would never have been written!

I also want to thank Christie for giving me the chance to write this story. I imagine that giving up this prompt was a really hard decision, and I hope that someday we get to learn what your vision for these boys was.

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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