The Executive Lounge by Angela Benedetti ♥

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The Executive Lounge - Benedetti

A slightly dazed-looking young man in a rumpled suit is sitting next to a motorcycle, cuffed to it by his wrists. He doesn’t seem to be at all unhappy with his situation.

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Dear Author,

It happened so quickly and was so unpredictable and completely out of control. A last minute, scratch that, a last second business trip out of town. A surprise office party for the CEO at the end of the very first day. BTW, does he look familiar or is my second martini and jet-lag messing with me? Late night bar hopping after that… and who on earth suggested checking out a BDSM club while we were at it? Certainly it couldn’t have been my idea; I know how to keep my kinks well hidden and under control. But here I am, chained to a bike like somebody’s pet and… happy? Damn if I haven’t seen that bike somewhere else up close before…



Tags: businessmen, lawyers, BDSM, public activity, age gap, over age 40
Content warnings: dub-con/non-con
Word count: 60,405

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