Three Part Harmony by Tielle St. Clare ♥

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Three Part Harmony

On the left, an upright piano stands against the wall of a brightly lit room with large
windows. A well-built naked man sprawls on the piano bench, facing away from the
instrument, his arms spread out along the keyboard. Another naked young man stands over
him, one hand braced on the top of the piano, the other behind his back. On the floor, a third
naked man sits watching them, sheet music open on his lap.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

The band has been together for a few years, but even their unique sound hasn’t launched
their career as fast as they’d hoped. So they rented a big house to live together for a summer
and write their epic, star-vehicle album (author’s choice of rock/blues/folk/jazz/classical or
any combination). The weather has been unseasonably warm, and working in close quarters
in relative isolation has pushed their friendship in new directions.

From here on out, it’s author’s choice within these parameters: no BDSM, D/s or hipsters; no
HEA required, but an HFN would be nice― it can be for only two or all three (surprise me!)
but if it’s only for two, they’re all still friends and band mates at the end; an unexpected time
period or setting would make me very happy!

I’m also a fan of angst, highly emotional and/or offbeat stories/characters, and intimacy, but
the inclusion/intensity of these are completely author’s choice. Would rather no GFY, but bi
would be cool.


Tags: musicians/rock stars, friends to lovers, M/M/M, three-way
Word count: 8,938

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