This We’ll Defend by Leona Windwalker ♥

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This We'll Defend - Jutoh (P3)

Two young soldiers squeeze onto a small single bed. An open wardrobe to the right gives a glimpse of where at least one of the BDU shirts has been discarded. To the left, the open door of a second wardrobe helps provide them with a modicum of privacy. They are sound asleep, still otherwise fully dressed.

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Dear Author,

We met in basic training; serving our country with pride our common bond. Friends first, lovers eventually, we’ve weathered thick and thin, deployment and separation, DADT and its repeal. Not always surefooted in expressing our relationship openly, but here we are, still together on active duty, stronger and more confident than ever.

Preferably no fantasy, sci-fi.



Genre: contemporary
Tags: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, first time, in the closet, long-term relationship, memories, military, switch/versatile, wedding
Word Count: 4,277

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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