Three Musketeers and a Jester by MC Houle ♥

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Three Musketeers and a Jester - Jutoh

Two mid-twenties tattooed men are in the shower looking up. They hold each other’s crotch while grinning at the camera.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

See those two? Those are my best friends since forever, they’re also both “straight”. I’ve always known I was gay and they’ve never seen me as anyone other than their third musketeer, no matter who I date. I’m the more reserved of our group and these two are constantly trying to outdo one another in the crazy-dare-department. I usually have to run interference or play judge at some point, but with them, the laughs never stop and they never cease to surprise me.

I’ve noticed things have been a bit ‘different’ lately. Not bad, but our dynamics have shifted in some way I can’t really figure out. Hottie A (name the boys whatever you want) just got dumped for always putting Hottie B and I first and Hottie B just can’t seem to settle in past two dates with any girl. I’ve got a newish boyfriend who I’m pretty sure I love desperately already, and he’s working his way into our group slowly but surely. He asked me the other day if A & B are out yet and how long have they’ve been seeing each other in “that way”. At first I thought he’d gone completely nutters, but now I’m not so sure.

After a particularly dirty dare battle the two ended up in the shower at our apartment together. We have a pretty open door policy when it comes to bathroom politics but I never thought they’d be in there together! What the heck is going on????



Genre: contemporary
Tags: established couple, coming out, bisexuality, tattoos, cross-orientation, wedding, actor, blue collar
Count: 11,708

Thanks to Pat and Dawn for the work they did on the story.

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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