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In the photo, two older men sit in front of big wooden doors, perhaps in France. They look comfortable together, as if they have experienced life and finally discovered what is most important. They have their arms entwined, and appear to be laughing as they look through a book.

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Dear Author,

These men seem so comfortable in each other’s company. Is this a new relationship or have they been together for years? How did they meet and find one another? Does the book, the door, or this spot on the sidewalk have special meaning for these men? Are they travelling abroad, or is this setting their home? What sort of experiences and memories have they shared (perhaps including romantic moments and spicy moments along with everyday moments)? Please feel free to use these questions and ideas as jumping-off points for the story you’re inspired to tell!

Thank you so much!


P.S. If you could avoid non-con, infidelity, and cheating, please, that would be ideal. Thank you!

Tags: over age of 40, life partners, Paris setting, explicit sex, humour, detective, author, mystery games
Word Count: 7,058

With thanks to Layla, Claire, and Debbie McGowan.
Cover art by Noah Homes
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This story is dedicated to Flo and Belf

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