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Mr Wonderful - Jutoh

A tattooed and pierced young man with a shaven head is asleep in a floral bed, cuddling a white bull terrier.

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Dear Author,

Please help me, I am not sure what happened last night. My friends and I went out to celebrate, and I must have overdone it because my memories are a little fuzzy. I know I met a guy, and evidence indicates we had a really good time.

Why am I in bed with this friendly dog, and why did my friend just text me asking how Mr. Wonderful is this morning?

I want this to be the start of something wonderful, after all that I have gone through and all I have achieved; I would really like a man to share it all with.

Thank you, Author, for giving me a story.



Genre: contemporary, new adult
Tags: flamboyant characters, interracial, men with pets, military men, tattoos, visual arts
Word Count: 32,275

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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