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Char by M. Caspian ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A round-faced young man stands angled toward the viewer, his vivid red hair falling around his shoulders. He looks out of the picture, to the right of the viewer, and in his left hand he cups the huge head of a gray dragon, its yellow eyes gleaming. Embers and ash drift down around them. See the photo here… Read more »

The Garçonnière by Ali MacLagan ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Two shirtless men embrace as if dancing. One is a black man with shorn, dark hair; the other is white with blond hair. Each has one arm wrapped around the other’s body, while clasping their other hands together. The white man’s head is tilted toward his partner’s shoulder, while the black man appears to be whispering something in… Read more »

Schadenfreude by Gabbo de la Parra ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: In a semi-dark, narrow flight of stairs two young men are about to show how much they like each other. One is already shirtless and the other is in the process of losing his top while his upward stretched arms cover both their faces. What we could actually see is that both have dark, pretty hair and hairless,… Read more »

That Night in Cherry Grove by J.J. Cassidy ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A beach at night, with waves showing white in the darkness. On a large rock, two rather muscular men cling to one another, both clad only in rolled-up jeans. One is very dark, with a shaved head and a close-trimmed beard, the other is lighter skinned but perhaps Latino, short-haired, with a neat stubble on his jaw. See… Read more »

Sadō by Steelwhisper ♥ ★

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A dark-haired man in an intricate karada of jute rope lies spreadeagled on a low table, wrists and ankles tied to chairs positioned at his head and feet. He is naked and a Japanese tea tray, with the accoutrements for sadō, covers his lower chest and abdomen. His head is unsupported and his genitals are exposed to view…. Read more »

Mr Wonderful by Willow Scarlett ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A tattooed and pierced young man with a shaven head is asleep in a floral bed, cuddling a white bull terrier. See the photo here STORY LETTER: Dear Author, Please help me, I am not sure what happened last night. My friends and I went out to celebrate, and I must have overdone it because my memories are… Read more »

Stilts by Valynda King ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Long legs, encased in leather tight enough to be skin. Black six-inch stilettos boots. Topless with creamy smooth skin. I cannot see his eyes but he looks lonely. Like the world sits on his shoulders. See the photo here STORY LETTER: Dear Author, Yeah, I like to wear women’s heels… so what? So what if I like to… Read more »

The World in His Eyes by A.J. Thomas ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A screenshot of a chat session from an online dating app. The conversation is one-sided, opening with a compliment, then a selfie of a grinning young man with dark skin and a charming smile. His last message begins by announcing his race like a disclaimer: “It’s okay if you’re not into black guys… a lot of people on… Read more »

Full Exposure by Amy Jo Cousins ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Two men embrace facing each other. Both are shirtless. One is in leather pants with a newly shaved head. He is pushing the other man’s jeans down past his hips. See the photo here (NSFW) STORY LETTER: Dear Author, Almost a year ago I was helping my brother out when his assistant couldn’t make the trip to Chicago… Read more »

Moondrop by Katey Hawthorne ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A Joe Phillips illustration of two men, one sitting up, one with his head in the other’s lap, asleep against a graffitied wall, with a skateboard beside them. The man sitting up has his fingers in the other man’s hair, as if he’s fallen asleep midcaress. Both are shirtless and tattooed― one with obvious dragon markings. See the… Read more »