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This is a color photo of a muscular man with tattoos down his left arm. He is doing push-ups facing forwards to the camera, and he has a baby lying on his back. The baby is looking at the camera and looks happy to be where it is.

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Dear Author,

This scene has been going through my head for a few months now; if it calls to your muse use it ’cause I seem unable to put my stories on paper and would rather someone with talent give it a try. ;D. Please no BDSM; light bondage and sensation play is fine. I really love witty dialogue and spunky characters. Paranormal of any kind is fine, I said vampire but anything will do; the mpreg would be nice if you can work with it. I want children, and that’s it― I won’t bother you anymore! :D.

The sound of the door banging open had every male in the room at the ready in case of attack until they saw my pregnant mate standing there looking like an avenging angel, all beautiful and disheveled, with his thick dark hair escaping the complicated braid he always weaved it into, his usually deep chocolate eyes had a coppery shine to them and the flames in there could burn entire cities, he looked so beautiful it was almost painful, but he also looked quite pissed, which is why I assume my men were pressing against the walls trying to disappear into the woodwork.

“There you are, you bastard! You’re never around when I need you, always doing business!” he snapped angrily while he strode into my office.

“What’s wrong my love?” I asked worried.

“What’s wrong? This is what’s wrong!” he ranted, pointing at his belly where our children were growing inside him. “You did this to me! My back aches, my feet are swollen, I look like a cow, I need to pee every twenty minutes.” He sucked in another breath and continued to vent, even if a little softer. “I have food cravings I can’t fulfill because of your stupid vampy DNA, and I’m horny and I can’t sleep if you’re not there!” He finished on a sob, the wind having gone out of his sails.

Thankfully he let me gather him in my arms and carry him to our room to a few chuckles from my men.

“I heard that! Don’t laugh at my mate, ’cause he’s getting laid and you’re not!” He yelled over my shoulder, which made me laugh as silence spread over the room, Yep! He was pretty scary when he wanted.

I’m sorry, mate, I embarrassed you he said through our bond as he snuggled further into my shoulder.

Don’t worry, love, it’s okay I smiled into his sweet-smelling hair and as I looked down on his face I noticed the dark circles under his eyes.

My poor mate looked at the end of his rope, dark circles stood out against his pale skin and I could feel his exhaustion through our bond, which made me feel like a piece of shit for not noticing he needed me sooner.

I apologize, my love for not paying enough attention I said, choosing to keep up the most intimate form of communication and cuddling him closer to me.

Finally, I got to our room, the bed was a tangled mess, the comforter lying on the floor as if he had kicked it off of him in his sleep, which made me feel worse because he could have slept better if I had been here. I’m taking the whole month off, damn it! No one needs me as much as him.



Tags: m-preg, vampires, witches, abuse, bonded, weddings
Content Warnings: some violence and reference to past abuse
Word Count: 18,922 

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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