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Crest Ridge Vacation - A.L. Boyd - J

Two men clad only in jeans are standing face-to-face surrounded by large boulders. The shorter man with a tattoo on his bicep has his hands on the boulder behind the taller man. The taller of the two men is looking down into the face of the shorter man as they are about to kiss.

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Dear Author,

See the guy on the right? The one with the tattoo? He’s an arrogant prick, and I’ve hated him since high school. The thought of him has given me nightmares ever since he humiliated me in front of our entire senior class. Ten years later and I can’t believe I’ve run into the douchebag during my mountain vacation. I may be taller than him now, but he still knows how to make me feel small. Will I ever discover why he was so mean to me? Please help!



Tags: military, celebrity, enemies to lovers, law enforcement, vacation, sweet no sex, closeted, HFN
Word count: 7,800

Thanks to my beta readers Sue, Averin, and Bethany for all their support and encouragement.

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