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Photo Description:
The man stands against a fog-shrouded landscape lit by a full moon shining through thin clouds, his long, black hair whipped by the wind. His stance is open but ambiguous― it could be welcoming or threatening― and one foot rests upon a glowing jack-o-lantern. Under his open robe he wears only leather pants and high boots. In one hand he holds a staff topped with a skull; above the other hand float glowing, arcane symbols.

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Story Letter:
Dear Author,

Darkness has been a part of my life since I can remember.

I never understood why it was so hard for me to be part of the bright world. The Internet couldn’t satisfy my need, so I went to this arcane little book shop. The old hag behind the counter gave me a book, where she said I might find the answers to my questions.

Supposedly, this book opened your power to summon entities to obtain knowledge. One in particular drew my attention. Its name was unpronounceable, but I could not bring it to me without saying its name aloud. Its symbols― a black dog, a pumpkin on fire, and a heart surrounded by thorns― were a potent siren song. They simply drove me crazy.

When I finally untied my tongue and called, it didn’t come to me. Instead, it took me to a sinister realm.

Forget my questions. All I want to do now is drop to my knees and worship him.

Gabbo de la Parra

Story Info:
Genre: fantasy, other world
Tags: sorcerer, angels/demons/gods, magic users, soulmates or bonded, slave, prisoner, psychic ability, snarky banter
Content warnings: dubious consent
Word count: 39,489

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