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Prophecy - Jutoh (P5)

Two men are wearing black body suits. Where the suits end their skin is coloured black to match. Over their heads are realistic horse masks, complete with bridles. One has a slightly lighter mane. They have body harnesses around their chests and waists, which loop underneath between their legs. You can also just see the first man’s pony tail. They wear black boots to just below the knee, which are hooves at the shoe.

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Dear Author,

Just when the clans were beginning to believe that the Monarque des Chevaux had died out, my companion and I were born and marked at birth for this honor. The clans rebelled at the news of our births. We were torn from our families and secreted away in separate locations until we were placed together as a matched/mated pair when we came of age. We hold a position of high honor as leaders of the clans. There hasn’t been a matched/mated pair for generations, and our birth has led to wars between the clans. Although there had been mated pairs of females only, male/female mates have been more common. We are the first pair of mated stallions to rule our clan.

Please tell our story.

Fantasy world please, No twins, No BDSM, Same-sex pairs accepted in society.


A.L. Boyd

fantasy, alternate universe
Tags: centaurs, warriors, royalty, first time, mythical creatures, shifters non-wolf/cat, soulmates/bonded
Word Count: 17,808

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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