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Soulbound - Jutoh

A slightly effeminate young blond man stands in a sensual, yet shy pose, his shirt cast aside to reveal his bare, freckled chest. One hand is placed upon his hip while the other holds a jacket over his shoulder. He stares at the camera as if asking, nearly begging, a secret question.

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Dear Author,

I am an incubus and with the coming of my 18th birthday my hunger is awakening. But there is a problem― I still haven’t found my mate. Without one I won’t be able to start feeding and will die within weeks of my birthday. Everyone in my family hopes that will be exactly what will happen to me. Because I am their shame― I am too feminine for an incubus and truth is I have no interest in women, something unheard of in such a powerful family as mine. My parents and siblings hide their relations to me and won’t help me find a mate. Please, help me!

Every incubus (male) mates with a succubus (female) by their 18th birthday (yes, I mean have sex, any additional rituals to the mating are author’s choice). After that they start feeding, not necessary together (they don’t have to share partners they feed on, but are still a couple and considered a family). Even though they have no problem feeding on both sexes, mating between 2 males or females is extremely rare to non-existent.

The MC’s mate I see as an older incubus (but by not much― a year or two maybe), who somehow have lost his succubus mate. Everything else about him is for the author to think of.

I don’t handle sexual abuse and rape well, so please leave those out.

Thank you!



Tags: demons, bonded, coming of age, family drama, transformations
Word Count: 32,932

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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