Strange Charm by A. Phallus Si ♥

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Strange Charm-Si - Jutoh

Color illustration depicting two muscular youths posed mid-air, their legs form an “X”. One bent over in front, the other directly behind him with his legs kicked up in a “V”, their groins seemingly conjoined, present a mesmerizing but visually confusing tableau for assigning the appropriate limbs to face. The figures radiate intensity via severity of stance, expression and eye contact that make their performance more compelling.

See the photo here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

I want the silliest erotic story you can imagine for these two. The plot can be whatever you like as long as it makes some sort of sense, preferably something fantasy/sci-fi.

Have fun with this!



 fantasy, science fiction
Tags: littermate-cest, m-preg (non-MC), mmmm, public activity, switch/versatile, spacemen/aliens, humorous, interspecies, road trip, soulmates/bonded
Word Count: 12,676

Author’s Note
Many thanks and much groveling go out to my beta readers for their patience and support during this rookie endeavor. Bree, Sunny, Jen, Jenni, and Ann you were a great help and more than I deserved.

I’d like to extend a special thanks to Bree Archer for her cover design. I loved all 12 incarnations of it! But this one made it real.
Bree Archer

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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