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The Best Man - Jutoh

An image, captured through a partially open window, shows two men laughing. One, in a modern suit and hat, has his eyes squeezed shut and his chin is being grasped by the other. The second man is shirtless. Although the image is obscured by dappled light on the glass, they look to be in their own little world.

See the photo here

Dear Author,

What is our story? How did I fall for someone so different from me? All I know is he makes me laugh and he makes me feel more alive than I’ve ever felt.

Please have fun with the prompt and feel free to take it in whatever direction you would like. I would prefer something sweet, but it’s not a requirement. Please, nothing too kinky.



Genre: contemporary
Tags: baker, best man, blue balls, British, humorous, slow burn, wedding
Word Count: 16,435

I would like to thank Maya for this prompt. I fell in love with the picture and the happiness I saw in the faces of the two men. The two men soon became Robert and Seb, and while they were sometimes awkward about telling me their story, it all came out eventually. When they weren’t making me cry (with frustration), they were making me laugh.

As ever, I owe thanks to my family for letting me be absent (in mind if not in body) while I let these two tell me their story.

Huge thanks to SheReadsALot for her wonderful beta skills and all round encouragement, I can honestly say this story would not exist if it wasn’t for her. Thanks Nico too, for beta’ing a story I then abandoned. All that work and you didn’t even call me names. Mwah. Thanks all round to the unicorns who put up with odd questions and strange ramblings from me on a regular basis. Of course, any quirks I (unfairly) blame on me being a Brit.

And of course thank you to the MM group and the DRitC moderators, editors, proofreaders and formatters, who work so hard to make this amazing event happen. I particularly owe a lot to Jaime― whose turn it was to go comma wrestling for me― every change she suggested improved this story, thank you. And lastly, a special thanks to Raevyn, who must have the patience of a saint. Either that or a very large bottle of wine. 😉

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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