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Two formerly straight young guys holding hands… the distance between them showing a fledgling relationship with some uncertainty and hesitation in their affection… the clasped hands indicating the desire for connection and their attraction to each other… will love conquer social and family expectations?

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Dear Author,

I know this is a difficult task, but you may be just the person to take it on. Write a contemporary, HEA, double gay-for-you. What makes this a challenge? Well gay-for-you is always a challenge, and a double-gay-for you has been done very well by a select few. But these stories are dynamite.

See these two guys in the flannel shirts? Well, this isn’t insta-love, but they are taken by surprise by the growing attraction, and it causes them to question who they are. The ramifications are different for each one. What will make this story fun and hot is how they get to the HEA. Awkward situations, soul searching and above all, believable based on their characters. The old miscommunication thing is not as interesting as internal conflict. Maybe they’ve been friends for years? How do they ease into the physical side of the relationship? Or maybe they don’t ease into it, who knows. Be explicit, go wild! No Paranormal, Sci Fi or BDSM please.



Tags: gamers, sweet/no sex, friends to lovers, gay for you, disabilities, men with pets, HFN, mute
Word Count: 14,825

I’d like to thank Tim, Mary, Fiona and Alison for being wonderful beta readers and editor. Without their input, this story would not be readable at all. I’d also like to thank the real-life Josh who graciously accepted a role as my muse for this story.

Author’s Note
This short story is the first part of a novella. An expanded, full version will be made available for purchase in 2015.

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