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St. Andrew’s Bay Chronicles by Lila Leigh Hunter ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A vintage portrait of a pirate at a beach with the water in the background. The pirate seems to be in his early thirties, with long hair held back, and a muscular physique. With one hand he’s holding his pistol which is in his chest baldric, and in the other hand he’s holding a bloody cutlass. See the… Read more »

Burn for Me by Ann Anderson ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Photo 1: The other has our pirate captain with arrogance and authority in every line of his tan, muscled body, a patch over one eye and a scar beneath the other. Photo 2: One picture has our genie with his long red hair and tattoos on the left side of his body. See the photos here STORY LETTER:… Read more »

Blood in the Water by Tami Veldura ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:Two pirates sit together in the lower deck of a ship enjoying each other. One of them, blond, is shirtless and smiling. He has a snake tattoo on his left shoulder. He leans forward to lick the nipple of his lover. The second pirate has black hair down to his chest. He straddles a leg of the blond and… Read more »

Tarnished Toys by Gabbo de la Parra ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Two men have scorching sex, doggy style. Latin Lover is on all fours, his mouth opened in a moan of absolute ecstasy while a fair-skinned hunk covered in ink (even his shaved head) pounds our caramel otter to the nth degree. Tattoo Man’s big hands steer the willing bottom with a possessive grasp on his shoulders in a… Read more »

Treasure by Kim Fielding ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A handsome blond wearing a cape and embroidered tunic is on one knee. He’s clutching a smaller man protectively to him. The smaller man is bound hand and foot and wears knee breeches and a long shirt. The blond wields a sword, which he has just used to cut the rope that is twisted around the smaller man’s… Read more »