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Marketing Beef -Bettencourt - Jutoh

Photo is an advertisement for an oversized hot dog smothered in mustard and hanging a bit over the side of its bun. To the right of it, in white-lettering are the words, “I’m stretched and ready. Let’s do this.” The ad continues, “New Footlong Quarter Pound Coney.”

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Dear Author,

So, one day during lunch, I was walking and just happened to look up and saw this billboard. It cracked me up. But I didn’t think much of it; it made me laugh and thought that was it. Well, I saw another one the next week, and the week after that, and well, you get the picture. I was all, man, did the advertising world get a sense of humor all of a sudden? Then it hit me, all these billboards had one thing in common, these are my accounts in our ad agency. Obviously I wasn’t the one that were coming up with these one-liners because I’m not that oblivious, come on now, give me some credit! They were the accounts that I was handling the accounting for. Yes, I am an accountant for an ad agency. But I really keep to myself. I mean, I smile and say hi to people when they say good morning but I don’t go to bars after work to socialize if you get what I mean. I am a pretty happy guy, no drama really, but maybe a bit lonely. My last relationship ended in college and I get attached easily so there hasn’t been anyone for a very long time. Am I making too much out of these billboards? I thought I was until one day, I saw one that was directly addressed to me… it was quite clever because they managed to work my name on it and the ad was freaking hilarious but it was like a BIG HELLO. Those WERE for me but who? How are they getting away with them? Why do they want my attention? And really, WHO WOULD DO THAT FOR LITTLE OLE ME?

Hi, dearest author, as you can see, I would love lots of humor, lots of EPISTOLARY elements (those are in caps because PLEASE, PLEASE, CAN I HAVE SOME?), and generally just a feel good, HEA story. I want to smile and laugh when I read your story!

Thanks so much,


Genre: contemporary
Tags: humor, tender, journal, ad agency, accountant, job loss, betrayal, self-growth
Content Warnings: Like a good relationship, the sex is worth the wait. It comes. I promise.
Word Count: 32,274

EVENT: Love’s Landscapes

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