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Sicario - Jutoh

A man is bound with coarse, wound rope, hands stretched to the sides and back, body bowed from the waist and head tilted downwards. On the outside he appears beaten. Broken. A man willing to submit to whatever life and his captors have in store for him. But watch his hands. The determined way he grips the ropes. This is a warrior and while the battle may be lost, the war is not over.

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Dear Author,

He is the most captivating creature I have ever seen. A human. So frail in body, yet his strength is undeniable. And though he caught the eye of many, he is mine now. No one else could match my bid. In a couple minutes they will release him to me. And I will never let him go.

I am under no illusions. I know he will look upon my deformations and find me hideous. He will be repulsed by my weakness and wish to belong to a finer warrior. But at least I will not be like the others of my kind. I will not use my greater size and strength to hurt and control him. I will not squash the pride in his eyes, equal to any of my people. His beautiful back will never feel the lash again. At least with me he will be free of the pain. But not free to leave. Never free to leave me.

Please don’t include infidelity or ménage and please don’t include any kind of insta-love, but instead have their relationship develop. Otherwise, get as creative as you like.

Thank you!



dystopian, post-apocalypse
Tags: mafia/criminal, captivity, slave, masturbation, suspense
Word Count: 8,058

EVENT: Love is an Open Road

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