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Two men have scorching sex, doggy style. Latin Lover is on all fours, his mouth opened in a moan of absolute ecstasy while a fair-skinned hunk covered in ink (even his shaved head) pounds our caramel otter to the nth degree. Tattoo Man’s big hands steer the willing bottom with a possessive grasp on his shoulders in a spiffing ride to Orgasmville.

See the photo here (NSFW)

This is what happened to me. I’m the poor fool on the bottom. Ok, I admit I used to be a shallow party animal who got off on proving that he was God’s devilish gift to hot, impressionable young men, especially if they thought they were satisfied with being someone else’s. So I’d plunder and pillage, fuck and run. Until I had the idiot idea of getting myself a tattoo to add even more to my (or so I’d always figured) irresistible hotness.

Couldn’t know the weird, haunted-looking artist (no that’s not him, I’m getting to that. He was scary too, the tattooist, but I’d been too greedy for that one particular design in his dog-eared portfolio to back out right there and then like I shoulda) had been the boyfriend of the pretty young thing whose… head I turned a few months ago, played around with for a few weeks and then dumped like all the others, and who was now vegetating on some suicide ward with the lights out and nobody home.

It was a good tattoo, too, I have to admit. This sexy ring of weird symbols right around my perfect ’ceps. Would have made me look totally droolworthy when I was shaking my ass, shirt off, at the club. Except I never got that far.

Hey, it was itchy, so I rubbed it. Next thing I knew, centuries of pleasure and pain were frying my brain while this man-thing, muscles rippling, blue fire in its eyes and its strange, swirling markings glowing with each pounding clap of sexual thunder… was having its vicious way with my aching carcass. Again and again. I swear its― his― tool poked right up through my black little heart and right into my soul. We travelled through space and time while pirates, demons, dragons and spacemen and god knows what else had their way with me and taught me things about loving and suffering I couldn’t have ever dreamed of. Somehow they all― even the weird, huge aliens and the fanged shifters― looked like guys I’d done, except bigger, stronger, hotter and more terrifying.

Every night he’d vanish and I’d sink exhausted― instead of heading for the usual party― into black dreamless sleep. Every morning I’d wake up real groggy and― fuck ― idly rub at my arm before I could help it. And we’d be off to a new world, a new delirious torture. I can feel my treacherous hand twitching even now as I desperately try to write this.

Dear Author, what’s been happening to me, and what for the love of mercy is gonna happen next? I’m a quivering, helpless piece of meat and I’m crying myself to sleep every night. There’s nowhere to run and hide from him, I know he’s waiting inside my skin, waiting… punishing… torturing… pleasuring… like a demon drug… horrible and irresistible… and I need… I need… more… if it kills me…

Release me Dear Author from this curse, I beg of you, howsoever you can or will! Bring me back to the living reality and I promise I will be someone new, someone better, for the rest of my life… or else make my atoms dissolve into the ether just so I am finally free again and at peace.

Dear Author― feel free to change my story to suit your reality as long as you follow the spirit of the idea!



 contemporary, paranormal.
Tags: angels/demons/gods, spacemen/aliens, shifters, pirates, enemies to lovers, revenge, redemption, non-con and dub-con, gangbangs
Content warnings: dubious consent; apparent rape (you’ll understand when you read it); one EOUS (Ego Of Unusual Size)
Word count: 15,531

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