The Case of the Insufferable Slave by Gillian St. Kevern ♥

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Insufferable Slave-St Kevern - Jutoh

Drawn picture of two men from the chest up. One brown-haired man is wearing a suit and smiling as he grips the chin of the second man, blond-haired, and bare except for the collar.

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Dear Author,

In this society all detectives receive a slave as part of their job title. Their world is dark, rough, crime ridden and the job of a detective is incredibly difficult. A slave is meant to ease their burden at home by serving both as a house and a bed slave. Problem is, this newly-made detective does not want a slave, but he forced to take one or lose his job. So what happens when a beautiful and shy slave boy with a dark past arrives on his doorstep the following day?

AU (alternate universe— world similar to ours but with a few twists), Master/slave, Angst, HFN ending.



 alternate universe, historical
Tags: noir, detective, slave, dub-con, hurt/comfort, sassy, hard-boiled, humorous, angst, dark, BDSM
Content Warnings: mention of past rape, violence, death
Word Count: 39,709

This story has to start with Bree. Not only did she provide the inspiration for the story and make its wonderful cover, but she was a continual source of encouragement and support as I worked on it. I’d like to thank Bree, and everyone who commented to the prompt thread on the M/M Community for their sheer enthusiasm.

Likewise, I am really grateful for the help of my beta-readers! Rui, Faith, K.C. and Ren were all very generous with their time and advice, and this story is better for their help. In addition, the lovely members of the Author Support thread gave practical advice and encouragement, while the M/M Sprint Community on Facebook kept me motivated and on task.

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