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Fly Like an Eagle by Cherie Noel ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Two muscular young men kiss. One leans against the front of a spotless silver cooking range, white v-neck tee shirt rucked up and exposing the lower half of his chest. A medium sized ring hangs from his right nipple. His hair is short and dark. Though his face is clean shaven there is still a faint stubble shadow… Read more »

Not Just a Kiss by Jennah Scott ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: In this black and white photo, two men embrace passionately. They are both nude, and the smaller of the two is in the throes of passion. His head is thrown back and he’s grasping the bigger man’s head. The male on the left is marking his partner on his neck, and he’s holding him so his partner arches… Read more »

The Fourth Act by LE Franks ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:A lithe young man is suspended horizontally in the air by a long piece of red silk. He is naked apart from the silk which is wrapped around his hips. His curly, blond hair hides his face, and his upper body is slightly twisted away from the viewer. See the photo here STORY LETTER:Dear Author, Can you help…? I… Read more »

Time Trials by Jay D. Clark ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:Nick Vogel presses his teammate, Luke Nevin, against a chain-link fence, both bare-chested and embracing, foreheads touching. Nick has his hand on Luke’s chin and lip, a tribal tattoo on his wrist. Luke has his left hand on Nick’s bicep. This last summer together turns best friends into lovers, out and proud to stay together. Nick assures Luke that… Read more »

The Shopping Mall Massacre by Erica Pike

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Two college-aged guys stand in a hallway with their shirts tied at the back, revealing their stomachs. One has his hand on the wall, leaning over the second guy with his other elbow on the second guy’s shoulder as if he’s about to kiss him. The second guy’s body is leaning toward the other’s, but he’s looking at… Read more »

Spring, Bax & Butterflies by Riina Y.T. ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:The photograph shows us two blond teenage boys on a sunny day, in front of a stadium. Both are quite buff and wearing identical maroon-colored rugby jerseys. The taller boy has an arm around the other in a gentle embrace whilst pressing a soft kiss to his forehead. Both appear to be happy and not the least concerned about… Read more »

Torn by Angela Maye ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:Two young men outside in a secluded location, both naked and totally lost in each other. One sitting and gazing up at his lover who bends down over him for a kiss, his hand lovingly trailing down his chest. See the photo here (NSFW) STORY LETTER:Dear Author,That long hot summer we had run away together as often as we… Read more »

Man of the Match by Lane Swift ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: An athletic, tanned young man, wearing only boxers, sits on a sofa; his left hand is resting on a football. A second man, in a T-shirt, is kneeling down on the floor to one side of the first. His head rests on the first man’s thigh, facing his erection, which he regards, as he holds it upright through the… Read more »

Awakenings by Jayson James ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:The photo is of a muscular guy in his early 20’s with smooth, tan skin and dark brown hair that is combed back to spike up. He is standing behind a vacuum cleaner in a pair of blue boxer briefs with a grin on his face in what appears to be a bedroom and the picture seems to be… Read more »

Hinori’s Journey by Victoria Zagar ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:An androgynous man stands with a curved blade in hand. He is clearly a warrior who treasures grace and beauty as much as the art of war. See the photo here (NSFW) STORY LETTER: Dear Author,I am from a race that is both masculine and feminine in one corporeal form. Our life’s journey determines which traits end up being dominant…. Read more »