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Billie Jean by Al Stewart and Claire Davis ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: There are two photographs. Photo 1: In the first photograph a young, attractive man is dancing. He wears only panties, bra and a hat. His face is hidden, perhaps suggesting secrecy. Photo 2: In the other photograph a man stands with his hands in his pockets, baring his toned chest. He wears sunglasses and has a surly expression…. Read more »

Omissions by Taylor Law ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A naked man sitting with his knees pulled to his chest and his head hanging down. He is in the middle of an overgrown field, surrounded by woods. Another naked man is crouched at his back, holding his shoulders, and he has his face buried in the back of the seated man’s neck. See the photo here STORY… Read more »

Exposed by Bette Browne ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:A half-dressed man stands in front of an ornate mirror. The room is luxurious, as are the red, lacy panties and fishnet stockings he wears. Long black patent-leather boots reach mid-thigh. He is muscular and very handsome. See the photo here (NSFW) STORY LETTER: Dear Author,Fuck! I got all dressed up for an evening alone and forgot that tonight… Read more »

A Dark Love Story by Jonathan Treadway ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Attractive man with short grey hair and grey stubble leans against a chain-link fence on the steps, a lit cigarette between his full lips, and his legs spread. His white button down is totally open to his manscaped chest and sixpack, the sleeves rolled up. The olive and red suspenders look classy with his partially opened tan slacks…. Read more »

To You I Am Bound by Cam Kennedy ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Photo One: Two men on rocks, in front of water, with their backs to the camera. One is sitting with his hands on his knees, and the other is standing with his hands interlaced on the back of his neck. Steam is coming off the water, and they are dressed in tight black shorts or possibly boxer briefs Photo… Read more »

Triskelion by Jana Denardo ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Three firefighters stand proud. Their shirtless bodies are smudged, tired but defiant after battling a fire born of the demon-spawn. See the photo here STORY LETTER: Dear Author, The Prophecy: Three to join – each a different race Three to join – a saving grace True to heart – one of blood, one of tail True to heart… Read more »

Laser Visions by Kaje Harper ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:Light streams into a narrow, old-fashioned hallway from the open door at the end. Framed in the brightness, back-lit to blurred outlines and shadows, is the silhouette of a man, walking away. He’s tall, lean but well-built, with faint tan lines across his lower back and thighs. He’s also completely naked. His curved ass and broad shoulders are the… Read more »

Until Death Do Us Part by Janel White ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:Two men are in a hallway with small doors all around, one open. The first man is sitting with hands behind his back like he is cuffed, and staring straight ahead with a blank expression on his face. The second man is standing over the first. He is wearing a police uniform that is form-fitting. The police officer is… Read more »

Trunk’d by Tam Ames ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:Two pictures of two men― one, a young man with a sleeve of tattoos and thick hair wearing a dress shirt and suspenders; the other, an African-American man with a goatee. The African-American is a police detective, and the young man is an accountant who found a body in the trunk of his car. See the photos here STORY… Read more »

Get Off My Case by Lisa Oliver ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:Two naked men lying on a bed; the smaller one on top of the bigger one, his head resting on the other man’s chest. The man underneath has his arms up around his lover. There is the hint of a white fluffy rug covering them from the hips down. The two are obviously lovers and are at peace with… Read more »