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Reclamation - Jutoh

In the series of GIFs, we see a man from his shoulders down, shirtless, clad only in a pair of sinful denim jeans and moving in a way that makes you think warm and happy thoughts (it’s getting hot in here, whoo!). The still picture, on the other hand, depicts a naked man crouched on the ground, his hands behind his head, in a shower of water against a dark background.

See the photos here (NSFW)

Dear Author,

I am a cop newly promoted to detective. I’ve been asked to go undercover as a stripper at a strip club to investigate (kidnappings, drugs, sex trade… I’ll leave that up to you). While working there I meet the man who will become my lover.

[PHOTO HERE – See Goodreads for Picture]

He is in a law enforcement type job (fireman, FBI, search and rescue, military, take your pick). Is he just there because he likes strip clubs? Is he undercover as well, working a different angle and we get together… in more ways than one?

I have to admit striptease movements really get the blood going, but are these pictures of me working out for the job itself, a private viewing, or am I fantasizing about his hands, his mouth, his body?

I thought I could handle this assignment, but that was before the bad guys figured out why I was actually there.

I’d love a couple of sex scenes with him. A long, slow, sensual one, or even a hard, hot, heart-pounding scene. I’ll leave that up to you.

Tags. Angst, no homophobia please… the angst should come from the case, not his coworkers. Striptease, no BSDM.



Genre: science fiction, dystopian
Tags: law enforcement, cartels/criminals, exotic dancing, hurt/comfort, undercover, grief, HFN
Content Warnings: graphic violence, mental illness, secondary character death
Word Count: 33,822

For Kelly, who just had to include those gifs in her prompt. I wish I’d had time to give this the novel treatment, but I hope you enjoy it.

Also, I have to confess: without my betas, this would have been almost impossible to finish. Samantha and Tiffany, you are the household goddesses of my mind’s hearth. Or, if that doesn’t do it for you, you’re total fucking rock stars. Thank you so much for your help.

Cover by Caitlin Ricci, who also rocks.

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