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Shintarou’s Way by Eve ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: The photo is a manga picture of a shaggy-haired boy in a collar clutched in the arms of an older man. They both wear winter coats. While the man’s expression is one of smiling possessiveness and a certain degree of smugness, the boy has a wide-eyed look of startlement and seems a bit taken aback; however, his arms… Read more »

Secrets by Grace R. Duncan ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Two men are on a beach, one carrying the other. Both are barefoot, in shorts and T-shirts, the one face we can see is happy and smiling. See the photo here STORY LETTER: Dear Author, I love him so much and I hate to watch as he slowly drives himself to the point of exhaustion. Being a lawyer… Read more »

Moondrake by Alexis Woods ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Filthy, naked from head to toe, nothing but a pair of cutoffs. His prominent erection tenting his pants. How did he wind up here? In this prison? Who did this to him? And who was he thinking of? His head is turned and our gazes met, his pupils blown inside green and gold irises. His hand extends, imploring,… Read more »

Genetic Redux by Kathryn Sparrow ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A silver elfin face with intense, red, catlike eyes stares into the camera. Ridges line his forehead and nose. His long hair resembles silver chains and has glowing red beads at the tips. The points of his ears jut out. On his chin is an abstract design of concentric circles and lines that appears to be etched into… Read more »

Moondrop by Katey Hawthorne ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A Joe Phillips illustration of two men, one sitting up, one with his head in the other’s lap, asleep against a graffitied wall, with a skateboard beside them. The man sitting up has his fingers in the other man’s hair, as if he’s fallen asleep midcaress. Both are shirtless and tattooed― one with obvious dragon markings. See the… Read more »

Above All Else by Dayton Idoni ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Ribbons of autumnal sunlight penetrate the canopy of leafless trees. The silvery beams reflect off the rippling river, which winds itself amongst the roots of the ancient forest. Next to the gushing water, a blue dragon rests its claw on a gaping fish. The sapphire-scaled creature stares inquisitively into the woods, listening to the cries of an approaching… Read more »

Matters of State by A. Phallus Si ♥ ★

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Black & white of two naked males in profile, passionately embracing. Musculature denotes that one is older than other; he hungrily leans in, teeth against the youth’s neck. The younger male grasps his lover; one hand fisted in his hair pulling him in and the other spanning his ribs, and as he arches backwards his lover covers him…. Read more »

Lost in a Dream by Dawn Simmons ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: A young man is staring into the camera. We can only see his face. His eyes are the purest blue, made more striking by a mask of black paint. His face is dirty, and a hand cradles his cheek. See the photo here STORY LETTER: Dear Author, Night after night, I dream of him. His eyes haunt me… Read more »

Impact Ripples by Claire Davis and Al Stewart ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: The photograph looks like an image of a desert, with sand dunes and mounds. However, a closer inspection may reveal that the image is in fact made up of naked bodies. See the photo here STORY LETTER: Dear Author, Where the hell am I? I had a drink at the lounge bar, with the cute guy I met… Read more »

Salvaging Toby’s Heart by Lexi Ander ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: In the background there are cryogenic-containers with shadowy figures inside. In the forefront is a large, muscular blue male with a headful of very long, slender tentacles ending in cockheads. He is holding a brown-haired, sculpted human man whom he’s having sex with. The man’s shirt is torn, the remnants held in place by a shoulder holster. A… Read more »