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Overkill by Elizabeth Daniels ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Two men in a pool, in an eyes closed blissful embrace. A man has his arms wrapped around the other from behind, pulling his back to his chest. His large hand gently tips the other man’s head to the side and he licks the shell of his ear. The man in front is slack jawed in ecstasy. See… Read more »

His, No Matter What by S.J. Lenox ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:The young man, his defined chest bared and jeans hanging loosely around his hips, stares out from the picture. From beneath the shadow of his sweater’s hood his eyes glitter, dark and enticing but troubled. His hands are clasped behind his back, as though he’s trying to stop himself from reaching out to grab something or someone. See the… Read more »

Dare by Matthias Williamson ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:One man is licking another man’s face. The one being licked does not look like he approves. See the photo here STORY LETTER: Dear Author,Guy #1 on left “What is he DOING?! Just coz I’m the only gay guy on the team doesn’t mean I want just ANYONE slobbering over me. Please. I have standards.” Guy #2: “I know it was… Read more »

Never Cry Wolf by Phoebe Sean ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:A man is naked, on his stomach on the floor, bound by thick rope in intricate knots, with his legs and arms stretched back, tied with the rope wrapped many times to keep him still. He is also gagged. See the photo here (NSFW) STORY LETTER:Dear Author, Never thought I’d be here at this phase of my life, chasing… Read more »

A Dark Love Story by Jonathan Treadway ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Attractive man with short grey hair and grey stubble leans against a chain-link fence on the steps, a lit cigarette between his full lips, and his legs spread. His white button down is totally open to his manscaped chest and sixpack, the sleeves rolled up. The olive and red suspenders look classy with his partially opened tan slacks…. Read more »

Displaced by Sofia Grey ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:A young man, naked from the waist up, lies on his side in water, face half-hidden. The colour of his eyes is mirrored in the indigo blue of the water and the sky. He has a watchful expression, as though he waits for something… or someone. See the photo here STORY LETTER:Dear Author, This is my life… by day… Read more »

To You I Am Bound by Cam Kennedy ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION: Photo One: Two men on rocks, in front of water, with their backs to the camera. One is sitting with his hands on his knees, and the other is standing with his hands interlaced on the back of his neck. Steam is coming off the water, and they are dressed in tight black shorts or possibly boxer briefs Photo… Read more »

Waiting, Hoping, Wishing by Nic Starr ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:A gorgeous young man is lying on a bed in nothing but his grey boxer briefs. He is clean-cut with a tanned, smooth and beautifully defined body. He should be enjoying the luxurious bed with its crisp, white linens as he relaxes in the hotel room, but his look is pensive. In the first photo, he is clearly worried… Read more »

Meant to Be by Rawiya ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:A black man hugging a white man from behind, both are shirtless. White male has a tattoo on chest. See the photo here STORY LETTER:Dear Author,I’m a thirty-something successful African-American male and I’m gay. I don’t fit the stereo-type for gay men in my neighborhood, flaming, sissified, acting like queens/women. I’m what my mother and most African-American females refer… Read more »

The Book & the Rose by Douglas Glen ♥

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PHOTO DESCRIPTION:Gif 1: Two men in their early 20s begin kissing at night in a floodlit area with one pinned up against a post or pylon. The man with his back to the surface begins with his hands on his lover’s face and ends with his hands cupped around the other’s ass pulling him into the kiss.Gif 2: Continuation of first Gif… Read more »